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FM Joshua christie

FIDE Master Chess Player & Coach
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A Champion Is Born
A Champion Is Born

A Champion is born

Youngest NM in Jamaica 🇯🇲 (Age 15)
Youngest FM in Jamaica 🇯🇲 (Age 15)
Youngest #1 rated player in Jamaica (Age 16)
Tied 1st CARIFTA games (2013)
Tied 1st CARIFTA games (2017)
Tied 1st Central American and Caribbean games (2017)
Tied 2nd Subzonal 2.3.5 (2018)

Hard Work Pays Off
Hard Work Pays Off

Hard Work Pays Off

Tied 2nd Central American and Caribbean games (2020)
National Junior Champion (2020-2021)
National Blitz Champion (2018,2020)
7-time National High School Chess Champion (2015-2021)
Master's Knockout Champion (2019)
Top Male Player Online Chess Olympiad Div-3 E (2021)
3rd place Subzonal 2.3.5 (2021)

The Journey continues
The Journey continues

The journey continues

Hero’s Day Cup Champion - Masters (2022)
National Rapid Champion (2022)
Highest rated player in Jamaican history (2022)



What others are saying....

Joshua is an amazing chess player and personality as well. He is very knowledgeable, informed and can explain concepts in ways that are easy to grasp. You will find his teaching style delightful as he encourages you to continue to work towards being better. He gets all thumbs up from me!


LiChess Player

Joshua is a great coach, since working with him I was able to improve my Elo drastically and also became the National champion in my age group! I would definitely recommend him if your looking to improve your game.


LiChess Player

Joshua is a great guy. Took the time to give me a lesson last minute. Will work with him in the near future again!


LiChess Player

Josh is an absolutely excellent coach who makes chess exciting to learn. He has a knack for breaking down complex ideas into concepts that are easy to understand and can be practically applied to your game. His coaching has helped me increase my rating by 200 points in only 2 months. I would highly recommend!


LiChess Player

Mr Christie is a very friendly and honest master of chess. After studying with him for several weeks, my blitz rating increased from 1500+ to 1700+. He has a very high FIDE rating and his hourly rate is quite reasonable. I would strongly recommend him.


LIChess Player

Josh is a great coach and truly a gentleman. I highly recommend studying with him.


LIChess Player